Where is my ZEN?

If you are a working Mom you will know what I’m talking about. Especially if your a single Mom raising your children on your own.

This week my daughter had to be at school early each day. I’ve learned through experience that the morning routine runs much more smoothly for everyone if  I’m up early and organized. The last four days I’ve  been up an hour earlier than usual and we have managed to get out the door by 7am.  Not bad for a family full of natural night owls. We burned the candle at both ends having late evenings too not darkening our doors until 10:30 one night. By this morning everyone was exhausted and cranky from a week that seemed to move at the speed of sound.

I’m not telling you all of this to have the world’s  biggest pity party. I say this because I know that you  are right there with me and have had those days and weeks too! It’s not easy to balance the demands of work and family life. It’s not only an issue confronting adults anymore but our children too!

Work life balance, read any woman’s magazine and your will find articles proclaiming how achievable it is. We can overcome the chaos and reach a state of zen and balance.  Really?  I feel scattered at times and often make sleep less of a priority to get everything done. Time constraints and dwindling motivation result in an expanding waistline when I skip exercise. I question why I can’t figure it out if it’s so easy!   Where is my zen? At times my life is balanced but at others a tsinami of priorities take over.  Here is what I have made peace with:

  • The idea that work life Balance is achievable ALL of the time is a myth. You must be flexible as needs and priorities change.
  • Everything is temporary. There are certainly stages of life that are busier than others. There will come a day when the kids are grown and you will not be juggling so many things at once.
  • When the tsunami hits do what absolutely needs to get done . There will be calm after the storm and plenty of laundry to do over the weekend.
  • You set the tone for the family. If your frazzled, count to ten and think about how to react to unexpected responsibilities that will maintain family calm before you open your mouth. I should tape this one all over my house, car and office!
  • Your children are watching you. They are learning how to prioritize, become adaptable, set boundaries and what “balance” means by your example.
  • It’s OK to say no! There is no such thing as superwoman.  Is the commitment really worth your time?

Ultimately I think life ebbs and flows and we handle change better when we can be flexible  and lose the quest for perfect balance.  With that said, I’m off to finish the laundry, go to the gym and find  Zen!

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  1. 1 Allie Young

    Good luck with that! I tried hard to get away from my inner Mommy Dearest this week, and failed. I can totally relate to this, Nichole!

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